The Cychology of Journaling

Cychosis is a cycling journal for the the Apple iPhone with the following features:

  • Charting
    • See colorful high resolution charts of your training and riding progress for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, and All time.
    • Chart your distance, average speed, and time.
  • Twitter
    • Optional automatic tweet (twitter) of each ride after you enter it lets your friends and family follow you on your bike!
    • Export ride data to CSV -- private access to last 5 exports via Cychosis exports server.
  • Bikes:
    • Keeps track of the mileage and number of rides on any number of bikes.
  • Goals:
    • Set any number of distance goals and track progress against them.
  • Routes:
    • Keeps track of common routes, distance, elevation, notes, etc.
    • Automatically keeps stats for each route.
  • Rides:
    • Quickly record rides as soon as you're finished.
    • Filter rides to current week, month, or year
    • Optional summary totals for current filtered period
    • Shows stats for each ride.
    • Pre-fill a new ride with one of your pre-defined routes, or enter a new name quickly.
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Cychosis Copyright © 2008 Ron Forrester, All rights reserved.